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Tae Kwon do


We have convenient classes. Our classes are divided by ranks: Beginners (White, Yellow), Intermediate (Orange, Green, Blue), Advanced (Purple – Black).  We do not limit you to the number of classes you can take each week. Come to all available!


Our Homeschool Program offers classes on Mondays and Wednesdays mornings. We offer this program at a discounted rate as a service to our ever-growing Homeschool Community right here in Mobile, Al. 

We are pleased to announce our Tuesday/Thursday at 2pm class.

Kid’s Program

We offer a wide variety of classes for your student.  

Our Evening Program includes unlimited evening classes.

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program is for ages 3 – 5. With an age-appropriate curriculum, your little one will learn many things through fun and engaging play. Our Little Dragons classes are 30 minutes which is perfect for this age group.

Training Goals


Learning practiced patterns will not only sharpen a skill, but it teaches discipline. It teaches coordination and sequencing. Students are required to perform one pattern every testing to advanced to the next level.

One-Step Sparring

Learning basic tactical movements to practice with a partner similar to learning the A-B-Cs to form words when learning to read.

Free Sparring

Learning to sequence basic movements to develop fluid motion, skill, and combinations. Similar to learning phonics when learning to read. At an advanced level, students learn to put together movements in spontaneous and effective sequences. Similar to writing a story of your own creation.

Board Breaks

The point of board breaking is to demonstrate both skill and strength. It takes of both to conquer this skill.

Although we do not require this until the student has reached Purple Belt, we start practicing at Green Belt. We also hold Board Breaking Seminars during the year for those new and old to board breaking. 

Your First Class is on Us



After much research and trying out many other schools in the Mobile area, we transferred into this school. In the year and a half my son has been here, he has become very confident and skilled. This is not a school that you can just become a black belt without work. You have to earn every step. I love this school and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone interested in martial arts. You’ll learn more than just taekwondo here for less than the tuition of most taekwondo schools in the area.

Georgette Riley

My son is enrolled in there program. They are very kind, caring and professional staff. My son loves the program and the teachers. It has made a huge difference in his life.

Eric Roberts

My 4 year old daughter joined this school last September and has learned so much! Her balance, physical development, focus, manners, discipline, self-control, and overall respect for herself and others has drastically improved. Master Hoadley works with all levels of students every class and personally comments on each and every child continuously throughout the lessons. My daughter feels so encouraged and confident after attending a class, and she is always eager to return again. She goes three times a week and has shown no sign of burn-out. I’m super impressed with how professionally and fun the classes are conducted, and I have found it to be a wonderful investment for my daughter. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a place to belong and to learn valuable martial arts skills from a personable instructor.

Alisha Waite


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