Meaning of Blue Belt

Signifies the young sprout reaching towards the sky and maturing into a towering tree as training in Taekwondo progresses. 

Blue Belt 

Senior Blue Belt 

Pattern (Blue Stripe)

Joong Gun: (Blue Stripe)

Is named after the patriot Ahn Joong-Gun who assassinated Hiro-Bumi Ito, the first Japanese governor-general of Korea, known as the man who played the leading part in the Korea-Japan merger. There are 32 movements in this pattern to represent Mr. Ahn’s age when he was executed at Lui-Shung prison (1910).

(32 moves, left foot returns)

Pattern (Blue Stripe)

Yong Gom (Blue Stripe)

means literally “Inspiration” – With goals firmly in mind, the students must learn to inspire themselves into action, as they develop a sense of self-worth. Without this, one may never strive for success as they may feel that they do not deserve the rewards that accompany achievement.

(40 moves, left foot returns)

Set #3 (Red Stripe)

Ridge hand, back fist, rear hand blocks 

3.1 Closed Stance – Outward block with the rear hand and counter with the front hand ridge hand.
3.2 Closed Stance – Outward block with the rear hand and counter with the front hand ridge hand followed by a lead leg side kick.
3.3 Closed Stance – Inward parry block with the front hand, follow immediately with the front hand back fist and reverse punch.
3.4 Closed Stance – Lead leg side kick, reverse punch, front hand ridge hand.
3.5 Open Stance – Front hand back fist, reverse punch, lead leg side kick, spin heel kick

Set #4 (Red Stripe)

Turning kicks 

4.1 Open Stance – Downward parry block, advance the turning round kick.
4.2 Open Stance – Inward parry block, front hand back fist, reverse punch, turning round kick.
4.3 Either Stance – Dodge the spin heel kick, counter with a turning side kick
4.4 Open Stance – Reverse punch, turning round kick, spin heel kick.
4.5 Open Stance – Reverse hand ridge hand, turning round kick, spin side kick.

Verse (Black Stripe)

Proverbs 16:32

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he that rules his spirit than he that takes a city

Verse (Black Stripe)

Proverbs 19:11
A man’s wisdom gives him patience, it is to his glory to overlook an offense.


Testing is an important part of the CTF teaching program.  You must prepare by learning all your patterns, definitions, and drills. Come to the testing a little early to allow time to warm up and ask any last-minute questions you may have. Remember, this is a formal occasion and requires that you wear your traditional white uniform!

You must register in advance of the testing date.  See your instructor to register and pay your testing fee.

Additionally, all white belts and any students whose membership has expired in the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation will need to complete a CTF membership and pay the annual membership fee of $40.00 before the test.

Testing is a very special occasion and a great time to demonstrate to your family and friends how much you have achieved.  Be sure to bring them with you to the testing.

Good Luck!


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