Meaning of Purple Belt

Signifies the color of the storm clouds as the student’s skill and ability to protect himself increases.

Purple Belt

Senior Purple Belt

Pattern (Blue Stripe)

Toi Gye

Is the pen name of the noted scholar Yi Hwang (16th century), an authority on neoConfucianism. The 37 movements of the pattern refer to his birthplace on the 37th degree latitude, the diagram represents “scholar.”

(37 moves, right foot returns)

Pattern (Blue Stripe)

Hwa Rang

Is named after the Hwa-Rang youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th century. The 29 movements refer to the 29th Infantry Division, where Taekwondo developed into maturity.

(29 moves, right foot returns)

Set #5a (Red Stripe)

Front kick & hand techniques to the head 

5.1 Closed Stance – Inward parry block, front hand back fist to the head, reverse punch to the body.

5.2 Closed Stance – Inward parry block, reverse punch to the body, front punch to the head, double round kick.

Set #5b (Red Stripe)

Front kick & hand techniques to the head 

5.3 Either Stance – Counter a punch with the lead leg front kick, front punch to the head.

5.4 Open Stance – Rear leg front kick, round kick combination land forward with a front hand back fist.

5.5 Open Stance – Lead leg front kick, turning round kick, spin heel kick

Board Breaking (Purple Stripe)

One Hand/One Foot Technique – Level 1

Required Breaks:
Dominant Leg Side Kick
Dominant Hand Elbow Strike

Board Breaking (Purple Stripe)

One Hand/One Foot Technique – Level 1

Required Breaks:
Dominant Leg Front Kick
Dominant Hand Hammer Fist

Verse (Black Stripe)

Proverbs 16:32

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control

Verse (Black Stripe)

Proverbs 21:23

Whoso keeps his mouth and tongue, keeps his soul from trouble.


Testing is an important part of the CTF teaching program.  You must prepare by learning all your patterns, definitions, and drills. Come to the testing a little early to allow time to warm up and ask any last-minute questions you may have. Remember, this is a formal occasion and requires that you wear your traditional white uniform!

You must register in advance of the testing date.  See your instructor to register and pay your testing fee.

Additionally, all white belts and any students whose membership has expired in the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation will need to complete a CTF membership and pay the annual membership fee of $40.00 before the test.

Testing is a very special occasion and a great time to demonstrate to your family and friends how much you have achieved.  Be sure to bring them with you to the testing.

Good Luck!


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